Audience: 8-14 years

Genre: Speculative Fiction, Fantasy

NBWG Publishing: 9780994487384

Format: Paperback & Ebook

Dimensions: 198x129mm

Price: $18

Fourteen-year-old Fingal O’Grady is convicted of theft and transported to Australia in the 1820s.

Almost two centuries later, fourteen-year-old would-be beautician Abigail Harrington finds a mysterious spider amulet and their two worlds collide. When both children are kidnapped they realise they’re in possession of an object with enormous power. The Peacock Spider of Tien Shan leads them on an exciting and dangerous journey where nothing is what it seems.

Fin couldn’t sleep, which made no sense. He’d slogged his guts out in Captain Godfrey’s garden all day, and as soon as the sun was up he’d have to do so again. “Hard labour, it’s your best chance at reform, lad,” the Captain had said when Fin and the other convicts first arrived at his grand North Sydney property, Craig Lodge. “You’ll keep my gardens pristine and you’ll be happy to do so, you understand? I know you have some education, but that won’t keep you from the lash if you misbehave.” With options as clear as that, of course Fin had chosen to behave.


Best Book (WABIAD 2016)

The Time of the Jade Spider by The Northern Beaches Writers’ Group

“The winner was clear. The narrative was a page-turner. The story flowed seamlessly, and the characterisation was fantastic. A good old fashioned time slip story! Perfect for middle grade readers.” Paul MacDonald, The Children’s Bookshop at Beecroft, WABIAD Judge 2016


Zena Shapter (Author, Editor, Editor-in-Chief), Susan Steggall (Author, Editor, Illustrator), Chris Lake (Author, Editor), Kylie Pfeiffer (Author, Editor), Leah Boonthanom (Author), Madi Duncan (Author), Mijmark (Illustrator), and Kristin Prescott (Author).

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