Audience: 8-14 years

Genre: Thriller, Science Fiction

NBWG Publishing: 9780994487315

Format: Paperback & Ebook

Dimensions: 198x129mm

Price: AUD$15.99

Fourteen-year-old Lan is a computer genius… and a prisoner. After poking around in exactly the wrong websites, Lan’s interest in drones has landed him in the High Country Youth Correctional Facility.

Not a good start.

Lan is resigned to his fate until he discovers that the mysterious hacktivist who framed him is part of a plot to kill thousands of people, including his mum and dad. With the help of Monk and his ferret, Lan breaks out of jail, and races to prevent a disaster that could change the face of Australia forever…

Lan tossed his dog-eared copy of CNET magazine over the side of his bunk. It hit the floor with a thunk and a crash. A crash? He glanced over the edge. His roommate had left half a glass of blackcurrant cordial on the floor and now it was rolling over the tiles while a small purple puddle seeped across the magazine’s headline: Cool Tech. He grunted and laid back down. Technology was only cool when it was new, and this magazine was already months old. Of all the downsides to being in juvie, the worse was not knowing the latest news. On the outside, Lan could have simply surfed the magazine’s website for the latest tech buzz. But no one in the High Country Youth Correctional Facility was allowed internet access. For a computer nerd like Lan, that was like telling him not to breathe…


Best Book (WABIAD 2015)
Most Sponsored Book (WABIAD 2015)

Rider & the Hummingbird by The Northern Beaches Writers’ Group

“There are surprising plot twists, moments of high elation, and deep despair, personal challenges, red herrings and betrayals… This book tells a strong, original, well-written, suspenseful and dramatic tale…!” Chloe Mauger, CBCA WA, WABIAD Judge 2015


Zena Shapter (Author, Editor), Kylie Pfeiffer (Author, Publication Coordinator), Leah Boonthanom (Author), Madi Duncan (Author), Chris Lake (Author), Tony McFadden (Author), Liz Michell (Illustrator), Mijmark (Illustrator), Zoya Nojin (Editor-in-Chief), and Kristin Prescott (Author).

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