Audience: 8-14 years

Genre: Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction

NBWG Publishing: 9780994200617

Format: Paperback & Ebook

Dimensions: 198x129mm

Price: AUD$15.99

When thirteen-year-old Mason’s parents left him to live on the other side of the country, he swore he would never forgive them, or the invention that kept them so busy…

Now they’ve called him back, promising they can be a family again. But when Mase and his grandmother arrive, the caravan in the shadow of the giant dam is silent and his parents are gone.

All that remains is a cryptic message begging him to bring their strange dolphin-like creation to the coast. Mase suddenly finds himself caught in a race where the price of failure is higher than he could ever have imagined.

Will he ever see his parents again?

The hire car was not as comfy as Grams’ truck back in Perth. After she sold her circus, Grams kept one of its trucks so Mase and his sister Naia could lie down in its sleeper compartment on long trips. But in this tiny pine-stinking Sydney hire car, Mase had to stay upright, and the seat belt dug into his forehead whenever he leant sideways to rest. They’d been up so early to catch the red-eye flight from Perth and now he was just so tired. Once they’d passed the hectic traffic-congested roads around Sydney airport and on the highway towards Cataract Dam, the car rocked more gently. Its rhythm lulled him towards sleep and the silence soothed his head, still sore from the baby who hadn’t stopped screaming on their flight across the country. Yet it felt like only minutes had passed when Grams’ voice cut through the haze…


Best Book (WABIAD 2014)
Most Sponsored Book (WABIAD 2014)

A Dolphin for Naia by The Northern Beaches Writers’ Group

“This novel has it all! A brilliant, fast-paced adventure… A Dolphin for Naia serves up a fantastic mix of mystery, sci-fi and family intrigues …an engaging and creative story.” Jo-Ann Whalley, Writing WA, WABIAD Judge 2014

“When a book conjures multiple story questions and powerful themes that leave you yearning for the answers in the first few pages, you know that you are in for an absorbing read — which is exactly how A Dolphin for Naia starts. Within moments of opening this novella, I was chasing the answers to the story questions raised: What happened to Naia? Where are Grams and Mase going? Who is the Parliament? Why have this family separated and why is Mase so angry with his parents? These questions create a flawless narrative tension that drive through the book like an unrelenting heartbeat.” Francine Sculli, Buzz Words.


Zena Shapter (Author, Editor, Editor-in-Chief), Zoya Nojin (Author, Editor), Leah Boonthanom (Author), Madi Duncan (Author), Chris Lake (Author), Mijmark (Illustrator), Kylie Pfeiffer (Author), Kristin Prescott (Author) and Susan Steggall (Illustrator).

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